Simply Beautiful.

Effective hair care and diffuser oil aromas rich in nature-based oils and extracts, created without the use of synthetic fragrance. Honestly formulated in Victoria, BC.

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Uplifting Results.

Above all else, Lure® is about creating professional results using proven, clinically-tested ingredients and formulations that are close to nature. Experience a breath of fresh air every time you use them.

Lure Hair Care

Salon Made.

Keen in our pursuit to create a collection of products that delivered on performance above all, we developed and tested Lure® extensively, all from one of Victoria’s busiest leading hair salons.

Naturally derived ingredients
Salon formulated and tested
Aromatic formulas
Lure Hair Care
Soft as Cashmere Cleansing Cream Discover a return to purity with a gentle, one-step conditioning cleanser that leaves hair soft and shiny while helping to control frizz and nourish scalp. This highly-emulsifying cream uses Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to smooth and moisturize while Lavender, Frankincense and Peppermint stimulate and invigorate the senses.
Don’t Wake Me Dream Cream Just imagine: soft, surreal strands that exude form and manageability; even on the laziest of days. This multi-function moisturizing cream creates a smooth blow-dry, enhances curl and gives soft definition. Shea Butter and Rice Bran Oil add hydration while Tapioca Starch enhances natural texture.
Early Riser Base Spray Start your day (and your style!) off right, with a base spray that sets the tone for what’s to come. This nourishing formula is rich in antioxidants and vitamins thanks to Bergamot, Lavender and Rosemary. Silk proteins bind to hair to strengthen and moisturize while smoothing the hair cuticle and evening out porosity.
Beach Body Salt Spray Get your best body yet. This salt spray boasts beachy texture that will leave you longing for the coast. Sea Salt adds body and wave, while Rosewater and Seaweed add moisture, preventing hair from feeling dry.
Head in the Clouds Volumizing Powder This double-duty powder acts as a dry shampoo and a volumizer – to elevate your hair (and your mood!) whether your style is on day one, or day four. Arrowroot and Kaolin Clay add texture and create lift, while Grapefruit and Cedarwood refresh strands for a fresh out of the shower feeling.

Aromas Articulated.

Have you ever experienced the way natural aromas can enhance your mood and energy levels? We have, and frankly, we’re hooked. Discover our aromatic diffuser oils – perfect for any space.

Lure Diffuser Oils
Rejuvenate Diffuser Blend Clean and bright, this enlivening aroma instills peacefulness and positivity. Lemongrass provides a sense of calm and refreshment, while Lavender soothes a busy mind.
Uplift Diffuser Blend Instantly brighten the day with an aroma that uplifts. Peppermint exhilarates the senses, while Lavender instills peace and calm.
Ground Diffuser Blend Find connection with your surroundings with a down to earth aroma that brings the outdoors inside. Woodsy Cedar, Fir and Spruce create a return to nature, while Ginger and Grapefruit enliven the spirit.
Refresh Diffuser Blend Bring inspiration into your space with an aroma that uplifts and refreshes. Geranium invigorates, while Lavender and Patchouli calm the senses, promoting an elevated state of mind.

Available Exclusively in Store + Salon.

To know Lure®is to touch, try, feel a new sense of being – to be experienced only in person. Visit us at our exclusive Store + Salon Partner.

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